Innovate Faster. Why Accelerating Change Is a CIO’s Biggest Challenge.

Until recently, many organizations have taken a “wait and see” approach to digital transformation and the adoption of new technology. Some have chosen a cautious, bimodal strategy, experimenting with a few non-essential processes, data and systems while shielding critical business processes from the uncertainty of change. Others have stayed on the sidelines entirely, waiting for platforms and software to mature so they can support other business processes.

But that approach won’t work anymore. Industry stalwarts and startups alike are moving quickly, solving problems in more cost-effective ways, creating engaging customer experiences, and taking market share from their competitors. For organizations to compete today, CIOs must provide business-focused strategies and improve the customer experience—before it’s too late.

A few of the things you’ll learn in this report:

  • Why a bimodal approach to IT upgrades doesn’t work anymore (if it ever did)
  • How customer expectations are speeding up innovation and digital transformation
  • Why a single strategy focused on delivering business technology is the best way to innovate
  • How culture and talent must change to support technology’s promise
  • Which changes will make the biggest impact in your organization (and to your career)

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