Looking Beyond SQL and NoSQL, What Will Data Access Look Like?

SQL is still how most applications interact with databases, and of course, NoSQL not only disrupted the industry, it fundamentally changed modern application development.

However, NoSQL isn’t the be-all end-all of databases. JSON is but one way to format and model data – and both key/value and navigational APIs existed long before SQL. Today, the sophistication of JavaScript frameworks and the rise of containerized microservices are creating new opportunities to further streamline and simplify data access, and will lead to the emergence of alternative APIs and data models optimized specifically for them.

In this webinar, we’re going to introduce FairCom DB and discuss new, emerging and oft-forgotten approaches to data access, from REST/RPC over HTTP for direct front-end access to record IO and navigational APIs for maximum performance in the back end.

Watch to learn:

  • See how to query a database over HTTP
  • Learn how to improve performance with record IO
  • Discover the concepts of a navigational API
  • Explore alternatives to JSON such as Protobuf

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