Maximize Your Payment Strategy Through a Multi-PSP Approach

To efficiently service your customers, you need flexibility—not just to process payments but also to determine when, from where, and through which vendors. Before the digital age, such flexibility couldn’t exist without a significant financial and organizational commitment that forced merchants to use a single payment service provider (PSP). But with the shift to digitization, this solo PSP approach is becoming a process of the past.

Businesses that have already adopted a multi-PSP design have gained control over data, insights, and costs. In this playbook, we examine why it’s time to put the flexibility of a multi-PSP strategy at the forefront of your payment processing approach and dive into the benefits, including: 

  • Reducing the cost of processing payments and improving authorization rates
  • Allowing you to own the data and insights  
  • Offering better cross-border and regional payment processing

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