COVID-19 imposed a disruption of healthcare delivery worldwide. Now more than ever, healthcare consumers demand convenient, seamless digital healthcare experiences, and the healthcare industry will need to catch up quickly to meet their expectations. More consumers report that convenient, timely care is of value to them. 

Increasingly patients are embracing digital health  technology that grants them the instant, seamless patient experience they desire. 

For the second year in a row, we have partnered with OnePoll, a leading research firm, to conduct a survey that offers an up-to-date understanding of consumer attitudes and preferences around patient access and engagement and shows how healthcare providers are meeting patient expectations. We are pleased to offer insights from DocASAP’s 2nd Annual State of Patient Access and Engagement Survey.

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  • Why patients value increasingly convenience when booking appointments.
  • Top barriers encountered when scheduling appointments.
  • Common reasons patients will switch providers.
  • Whether patients prefer pre appointment communications to be sent digitally via text message or email.


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