Next Gen Architecture for a Digital Treasury: Enabling Flexibility and Automation

Treasury management systems have long been considered the pinnacle of treasury technology. While they offer many benefits, they’re often designed for certain stakeholders and restrict customer choice and the ability to optimize. But is there a better solution?

Yes. Enter the best-of-breed solution ecosystem; an open, cloud-based solution — connected through APIs (application programming interfaces) — that allow corporate treasury leaders to combine their specialist services in new ways and share data seamlessly between them. 

Download this executive brief and learn how this next gen architecture allows your treasury department to:

  • Choose the best vendors that serve your strategic growth
  • Reduce lock-in, switch vendors when needed, and enjoy the latest innovations
  • Make better decisions by leveraging interconnected data across applications 
  • Provide end-to-end automation
  • Tailor treasury management technology
  • Accomplish all of this without lengthy IT projects

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