Performance of Ansys Mechanical Optimized with AOCL on AMD EPYC 7003 Series Processors

AMD optimized AMD Optimizing CPU Libraries (AOCL) BLIS for Mechanical which has been integrated and released into 2021 R2. AMD’s optimizations harness the high-performance features of their 3rd Generation AMD EPYC’s “Zen” processor family such as the unique Chiplet design delivering high memory bandwidth, larg shared L3 cache and high performance advanced micro-architecture. Ansys Mechanical with AMD optimized AOCL BLIS deliver a geomean speedup of 1.26x with gains as much as 2.12x.

Ansys Mechanical Implicit Finite Element Analysis application is architected to deliver accuracy, performance, and scalability. Structural analysis simulations with Ansys Mechanical help customers simulate and understand underlying behaviors, enabling increased safety, reduced development costs, and quicker time to production.

Together, AMD and Ansys empower the development of fast, accurate FEA Implicit simulations running on cost-effective and optimized systems.

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