Recruiting Automation Basics: How to Build a Strong Foundation for 2021

Extraordinary advances in recruiting technology, especially those related to automation and AI, have created a market that can often seem overwhelming. Talent acquisition teams want to get the most out of the innovations that are available to them, yet most struggle with how to determine which solutions will deliver the greatest value to the business.

One way to approach the challenge is to first focus on putting a strong foundation in place. You can do this by setting aside all the buzz around the latest point solutions that promise to solve your recruiting issues and taking a closer look at how enterprise talent acquisition teams are using automation and AI—often in incremental and manageable steps—to digitalize their function and overcome their biggest barriers as related to:

  • Candidate sourcing and assessment
  • Hiring process efficiency
  • Candidate communications

Once you’ve learned the best ways to apply recruiting automation effectively across the areas outlined above, you’ll be on your way to building a strong foundation for 2021.

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