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Traditional brick-and-mortar retailers have experienced many challenges in recent years, from the growth of e-commerce to declining foot traffic to brands bypassing stores to sell their products direct to consumers. However, nothing prepared them for the disruption wrought by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Even today, as the pandemic appears to be in its waning days and COVID vaccination rates rise, retail stores are still trying to recover.

This informative resource covers:

  • The impact essential or non-essential designation continues to have on retailers;
  • How to assess in-store staffing needs and optimizing labor planning strategies;
  • Assessing technology solutions to improve the in-store experience;
  • How to leverage store teams to collect feedback and create effective feedback loops, featuring a case study featuring L.L.Bean; and
  • A list of actionable steps for retailers to ensure their stores and teams are ready for a post-pandemic rush.

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