Returning to Work — The Vaccine Debate and Managing Employee Relations in a Post-Pandemic Era

Over the past two years, companies have been forced to rethink their concept of work. However, as more businesses require employees to return to the workplace, the idea of a reverting back to “normal” is still very much in question. Between vaccine mandates and a person’s civil liberties, companies are trying to navigate employee relations and effective workplace safety.

As we look ahead, a one-size-fits-all approach to human capital management won’t work long-term. Building flexibility into new processes and procedures, while balancing the need for consistency and compliance, will be vital to moving forward in the business landscape.

Use this eBook to uncover the ways to ensure an easy transition back into the workplace and the secret to long-term, post-pandemic success. Topics covered include:

  • Maintaining a healthy workplace
  • Flexibility as a competitive edge
  • Creating strong communication
  • Using data to your advantage

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