Strategic Planning for Open Pit and Underground Mines: Automation, Integration, and Optimization

Strategic mine planning (SMP) plays a crucial role in optimizing the extraction and utilization of mineral resources in both open pit and underground mines. Such optimization can be complex and time consuming with resource uncertainties, geotechnical constraints, operational limitations, environmental considerations, and a volatile market.

Watch the replay for a deep dive into approaches and tools that can help overcome the challenges in strategic mine planning and improve efficiency and effectiveness of decision-making for:

  • Open pit mines
  • Underground mines:
    • Block and panel caving
    • Sublevel caving
    • Sublevel stoping
    • Cut and fill
  • Integration of multi-mines (multi-methods)
  • Automation
  • Application of advanced solutions in SMP 

Our Speaker

Dr. Firouz KHODAYARI, PhD, P.Eng

Lead Mining Engineer - Dassault Systèmes

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