The #1 Way to Safeguard Your Customers Against Fraud

​Fintech tools, online banking, and digital payment platforms are on the rise, along with the fraudsters that plague them. Here’s why: as more consumers adopt neobanks and fintechs, cybercriminals looking to capitalize on this activity are finding new ways to strike. Tried-and-true tactics like Account Takeover (ATO) Fraud, coupled with weaknesses in the alternative banking and investment industries, add up to fraudsters preying on digital banking consumers more than ever. Fintechs can take measures to mitigate risk and protect their customers from being targeted, but they need to act quickly.   

This webinar, hosted by Sift, the leader in modern fraud prevention, will cover off on key content like:

  • Fraud protection tools, from fake signup detection to proactive account protection
  • How to improve conversion and engagement
  • The importance of using AI and machine learning for fraud prevention

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