The Internet of Things: Finding the Path to Value

Successful leaders in every era are judged by their ability to make good decisions with limited information.

This is an exciting time for manufacturers as the barriers come down between operational technology—the industrial hardware and software that monitors and controls machines—and the ERP systems and other information technology used to operate and support the business. New opportunities for improving productivity and innovating new sources of customer value are emerging every day, as are the challenges.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is changing management decision making in ways that are often overlooked in all of the hype around the billions upon billions of things that will be networked someday. Connected devices, coupled with advances in data collection and analytics, are giving business managers at all levels more relevant information when they need it than they’ve ever had before. How that affects the decisions they’re making is having a deep and lasting impact on operational and business performance.

Read this IndustryWeek Industrial Internet of Things Analytics Research Study to learn about the current and future state of IoT technology usage by U.S. manufacturers.

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