The IT Pro MBA Complete Collection

When you are preparing for your career in IT, the things you focus on tend to be the hard skills you need, like Cisco and CompTIA certifications, coding, and understanding the complexities of information technology. Rarely does anyone discuss the skills needed to become a leader. Skills like learning how to prepare for budget season or how to roll out your new technology to all the end users in your organization. That’s why we at My TechDecisions put together the IT Pro MBA.

In the My TechDecisions IT Pro MBA, we look to cover the skills rarely taught but always needed. They are things we all wish we knew when starting down to the road that is our career. These skills include:

  • How to build a strategy with short and long term goals for your department
  • How to vet new technology to implement into your organization
  • Training end users of your organization to use the technology you just implemented
  • How to become to manager you always wanted to be and leading your team to success
  • How to build an effective and fully-encompassing budget
  • And much more.

Download the My TechDecisions IT Pro MBA Complete Collection to level up your career.

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