The Tools CFOs Need for Smart Growth

Ask business leaders what their goals are, and you'll likely find one commonality: growth.

No organization wants to maintain the status quo, but many lack a plan for managing expansion. Planning for growth--be it expanding into new markets, introducing new products or broadening the customer base--requires focus on scaling and managing the company's cash flow effectively.

Yet, 60 percent of SMBs and 29 percent of enterprises use Excel and other manual systems to track travel & expense (T&E), according to the Aberdeen Group's 2018 T&E Expense Trends and Benchmarking Spending report.

Responsibility for effective financial management falls squarely on the CFO's shoulders. When expenses are improperly incurred or teams run over budget due to lack of controls, the company is less able to optimize resources and position itself for intelligent expansion. Consider this eBook your primer for better financial management. In it, you'll learn:

  • The roadblocks that prohibit effective financial and expense management
  • Insights into the value of automating end-to-end accounts payble processes
  • Tips for managing risk and evaluating financial insights and trends for key stakeholders
  • How emerging technologies can be game-changers in expense management

To effectively plan for future growth, finance teams can use modern tools to leverage automation and AI and transform their AP processes.

Get the insights you need to achieve your company's growth targets. The Tools CFOs Need for Smart Growth is your company's playbook for a stronger financial future.

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