The Ultimate Guide to Agile Software Development

Learn to build software more efficiently and productively with the proper balanced approach.

In an agile approach, the focus is on speed, not scope. In practical terms, that means getting the smallest usable features working as quickly as possible. You get the most bang for your investment and a product end-users love.

If it’s to succeed, a Practical Agile process requires good communication, clear requirements, and detailed planning. Without them, there can be a failure to reach a consensus on performance, too many changes in project objectives, inaccurate requirements gathering.

When building a team, it’s essential to assess the strengths and weaknesses of each member and then assign individuals to teams that reflect a diverse range of personalities and skill-sets. The eBook explains best practice team building processes.

A roadmap defines how new IT tools, processes, and technologies align with your organization’s overall strategy and growth. It provides a clear picture of how your app or software should strategically evolve.

Zibtek is a leading software development consultancy dedicated to delivering software development solutions that allow our clients to materially accelerate their efforts beyond the capacity and experience of internal teams.

To learn more about the Zibtek advantage in software development—and how a practical agile approach can help you take your product across the finish line—download our Ultimate Guide to Agile Software Development today.

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