The Visual Trend Report: Getty Images’ Visual GPS Research for Marketers

The world’s constantly changing—and so are the priorities of your customers. Visual GPS, built on Getty Images’ 25 years of trend research and reporting, helps identify the images and videos that connect with your audience. Our multi-faceted approach leverages our internal search data, insights from our visual experts, and the latest market research—gleaned from surveying thousands of consumers and professionals in 13+ languages, across 26+ countries. 

This report focuses on three major forces impacting your consumers: Sustainability, Wellness, and Realness. Some highlights include:

  • Data behind sustainability: 81% of people say that companies should be environmentally aware in all their advertising and communication
  • Ideas for how to portray authentic diversity across race, ethnicity, age, gender and body types
  • Wellness is more than physical health: examples for portraying mental well-being in your brand's communications 

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