#Unplug – How to Work Hard and Still Have a Life

Uncover personal stories from award-winners, progressive companies, and more to explore the increasing demands in the workplace and how a digital detox is helping companies thrive. What makes these stories so useful and enduring is how personal many of them are.

Hopefully you can relate to:

  • Baratunde Thurton’s ambivalence toward technology - how fulfilling yet burdensome social platforms became for him, or to
  • Young Rahm Emanuel’s desire to fit in family life with a heady White House gig, or to
  • A Home Depot executive’s inability to turn down projects for fear of missing out on growing business, or to
  • One millennial’s struggle to resist his generation’s lifestyle

Every day we make choices - for starters, how much or how little to unplug - that enhance or detract from our lifestyle. We hope the stories in #Unplug make you more aware of your choices so that you are at peace with them or venture to make new choices.

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