Upgrade Your Software Stack to Meet Data-intensive Workload Demands

From streaming and content delivery to virtualization, AI applications, big data analysis, and enterprise, the demand for computing power is rising, as workloads increase. Massive amounts of data is generated continuously, both on premises and at the edge, which requires a broad array of new hardware and software solutions.

A single form factor cannot address all computing needs – systems need to be designed using common building blocks that respond to demands with low latencies and high bandwidths. With a continuum of computing power from trusted vendors, you can build and deploy your systems, and increase your computing power to meet your workloads, with a high degree of confidence and reliability. 

Download this free whitepaper to learn how Supermicro X12 servers and storage systems can help you meet your advanced workload requirements. You'll learn how to boost your compute significantly, with more power per watt and reduced cooling requirements, enable faster training and inference applications, accommodate a high number of GPUs, leverage fast internal networking while minimizing power usage and thus costs, and more.

You'll get an in-depth look at:

  • Supermicro's latest X12 portfolio of server and storage systems
  • How upgrading your systems helps your organizations thrive in today's digital landscape 
  • Which form factors, CPUs, memory capacity, storage types and capacity, and environmental considerations your workload requires
  • How to reduce e-waste by upgrading to the latest and most efficient individual components
  • How to optimize systems that incorporate the proper hardware and tuning software to deliver maximum performance at a given price point


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