When Technology Needs to be Tougher – The Push to Embed Durability in Every Design

The growing proliferation of mobile computing and wireless communications in every aspect of industrial life, including the advent of IoT-enabled connected machines and devices, is creating a growing need for ruggedized computing solutions that can stand up to the toughest and most harsh operating conditions. Especially in industries like defense, aerospace and rail, the need is growing for computing and network-centric solutions capable of operating under extreme pressures, temperatures, vibrations, dust conditions and other factors. 

This concise report looks at this growing market need through the eyes of a specific vendor, Diamond Point International (DPI), a value-added provider of design, engineering and consulting solutions specializing in failure-resistant super-rugged embedded computer systems. Diamond Point’s many design wins and specialized solutions across aerospace, defense and rail underscore the breadth of applications and needs for ruggedized computing in today’s marketplace.

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