Where to Find Retail Workers for the Short- And Long-Term

Retailers have long been familiar with the challenges of retaining employees: employment turnover is hovering at 69% and shows no signs of slacking. But in the last two years, they’ve been struggling to find workers too—and despite continuous recruitment, retailers still can’t hire all the employees they need. 

Being understaffed creates high, unnecessary costs. But that’s not the only issue. This infographic examines the impact the labor shortage is having on retail, including:

  • How customer service suffers when retailers don’t have enough workers.
  • The impact of bad experiences on customer loyalty: after only one bad experience, 76% of customers would rather go to a competitor. 
  • The negative impressions created by out-of-stocks: When an out-of-stock occurs, only 13% of shoppers wait for the item to be back on the shelf, while 39% switch brands and 32% switch retailers.  

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