Why Leadership Sucks Volume 2 – The Pain, Pitfalls, & Challenges of Servant Leadership Fundamentals (Free eBook) A $6.99 Value

This eBook is volume two of the Why Leadership Sucks series and is divided into four sections:

  • Part 1: To serve or not to serve. The choice is indeed a tough one.
  • Part 2: Leggo my ego. Addresses the challenge of needing an ego to lead but having that harnessed so it is not unwieldy.
  • Part 3: The danger of persona non grata. You don't want to be the unwelcome person, do you?
  • Part 4: Fierce competition steamrolls ahead. Organization competition is heating up and show no signs of slowing. Will you ride the wave or be pulled under by the currents?

Get Volume 2 now to decrease your stress and frustration with leadership. 

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