11 Effective Strategies to Push Leads Through the Email Funnel in 2022

Email is one of the best digital marketing strategies ever created… And even in today’s lead gen era, it never seems to get outdated. Recent statistics indicate that about half of the global population will be using email for communication by 2023 – and this will open up so many new possibilities on the business front. More than ever, companies are generating brand awareness, building relationships with customers, enhancing business engagements, and increasing their overall sales revenue via email marketing. The only thing is that many companies need, now, it to adopt an effective strategy for 2022. So, here are 11 effective strategies to push leads and customers through the email marketing funnel in 2022.

1. Segment your audience

With meaningful segmentation, you are at the benefit of making 80% of consumers ready to buy from you. Segmentation is a data-centric practice where you group your customers or clients based on their attributes. These characteristics can be their demographics, interests, preferences, past purchases made, pages browsed, and more.

Segmentation works because your customer base isn’t homogeneous. There would be dissimilarities among them. Identifying and efficiently dealing with those helps you understand your target audience more and fulfill their needs. Further customer segmentation is also the basis of other crucial strategies like personalization and automation.

2. Personalize your messages

People today have short attention spans. Businesses need to adopt strategies that can instantly capture their consumers’ attention. One sure-fire technique is personalization. Well-crafted email messages, tailored to each segment of the audience can attract and hold the attention of each recipient. This also holds for B2B email marketing.

The recipients tend to feel that such messages are specifically catered to them. Hence, they become more likely to be receptive to them. This, therefore, improves the open, click-through, and engagement rates. Stats say that some 80% of consumers tend to make a purchase when they get a personalized experience.

3. Automate

Automation is an email marketing trends that you shouldn’t miss out on. It can free up a lot of time and facilitate delivering the right promotional messages at the right time, depending on the location of the customer in the buyer’s journey. Messages will also be triggered when the lead takes a specific action such as clicking on a link, subscribing to your newsletter.

Additionally, automating your email marketing can also effortlessly help in nurturing prospective customers and leads through the purchasing process. You can also use these for cross-selling, upselling, or post-sales opportunities to motivate customers to make repeated business with you.

4. Avoid a spammy appearance

Oftentimes, marketing emails tend to appear gimmicky and sales. This shouldn’t be the case if you want to improve conversions. Such emails not only turn off recipients but also are flagged by spam filters, leading your account to be blacklisted. Here are some ways to avoid sending spam emails to your customers.

  • Always get your customers, prospects, and leads to opt-in to receive your marketing emails.
  • Avoid using multiple exclamation points.
  • Avoid using all capital letters in your email’s subject line or body.
  • Proofread your emails for grammar and spelling mistakes.
  • Avoid overly lengthy emails.
  • Ask customers to whitelist your email address.
  • Use a reputed email marketing platform.
  • Make the unsubscribing process easy.

5. Write captivating subject lines

One of the most vital aspects that determine the open rate of your emails is its subject line. Just by looking at it, your email recipient should be able to guess what the content is and that it is going to benefit them. If possible, it should convince them that if they do not read its content, they’ll miss out on something significant.

Here are some examples of killer subject lines:

  • “Innovative must-haves for your home”
  • “Don’t settle for the previous year’s trends”
  • “The deals that make us proud”
  • “The price dropped for an item in your cart”
  • “Steal these time-saving ideas”
  • “5 Money habits that can make you richer”
  • “This discount is going to expire”

6. Have a clear call to action

Oftentimes, brands and businesses find that their emails have a high open-rate but low conversion rates. This means that their CTA isn’t sufficiently powerful. So, ensure that your email has a CTA that conveys what action you want your customers to take. For instance, reading an ebook, or buying a product.

Apart from this, you also need to see that your CTA is positioned in such a way that your email recipient sees it immediately. Other things you need to consider when it comes to CTA are its button shape, font style, and color. These design elements have to be visually appealing.

8. Make it mobile-friendly

With most internet users reading emails on their mobile devices and the number of mobile users continuing to increase, it becomes sensible to make your emails mobile-friendly to improve conversions. Else, you’ll stand the risk of people deleting your emails or permanently unsubscribing you, irrespective of whether you are B2C or B2B email marketing.

If you make your emails and all the elements in it mobile-friendly, it’ll be advantageous. This is because email users tend to check their emails multiple times a day. Stats say that they look at their phone 150 times (Source: Kissmetrics). Making your email mobile-friendly can increase click-through rates (CTR) by 15% (Source: MailChimp).

9. Send promotional offers

Promotional emails bring in good conversions. You may use these to introduce a newly launched product line, announce a special discount offer for this festive season, or something else. This can also serve as one of your best customer retention strategies. As per stats, the conversion rates for each of these vary.

  • Discounts on pricing bring in the highest conversion of 1.04%.
  • Limited product availability ranks the second-highest at 0.55%.
  • New product availability has a conversion rate of 0.39%.

10. Send customer loyalty and re-engagement emails

Customer loyalty and re-engagement emails focus on strengthening customer relationships and winning back customers who haven’t bought from you for a while. Here are some examples of loyalty and re-engagement emails:

  • Special day Emails: These are emails sent on special days like birthdays and anniversaries wishing the recipient a discount code.
  • Win Back Emails: These are sent to customers who haven’t shopped with you in a while. Again, these bear a discount code for the customer to re-engage with your brand. It also offers an opt-out of communication message in case the person doesn’t want to receive emails from you anymore.
  • Replenishment Emails: When a customer has bought a product that would be exhausted within a specific duration of usage –– anything from facial creams to batteries –– you can send replenishment emails to drive repeat purchases.

11. Regularly analyze your performance

You need to monitor your email strategies to determine whether they’re delivering the intended outcomes. A good email marketing tool like NotifyVisitors will provide you with metrics that indicate the degree of success of a specific strategy. For example, as mentioned earlier, low open rates indicate that your subject line is poor and high CTR means that your CTA is compelling enough.

You can derive such meaningful insights from the analytics of each of your email campaigns. Additionally, you can also A/B test different features of your emails to know what works and what doesn’t with your audience. Using these, you can optimize your future campaigns to improve the conversions of your future campaigns.

Wrapping up

Your email marketing campaigns can succeed only if you use the right strategies. We’ve discussed ten of the most effective email marketing strategies that can generate more leads, boost customer loyalty, increase sales, and improve conversions. Most of these are easy to apply. So, do try them out!

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