Here Are 10 Great Marketing Lessons that Most Companies Can Learn from Apple

If you want to create a great content marketing strategy, you have to know what your competitors are doing – especially the successful ones. You can learn a lot by paying attention to what the leaders and game-changers of the industry are engaging in, and when it comes to technology, who better to look to than Apple? A company whose marketing strategy is in a league of its own?

Remember that anyone can make a product, but only a select few can create a memorable experience that will keep the customers coming back for more (perpetually). A big part of creating a lasting experience is mastering the art of storytelling. By using emotional appeals in your ads, you can incorporate a sensory dimension to the overall delivery. In doing this, you can connect with your customers in a meaningful way; a way that makes them feel less like they’re simply researching / buying a product or solution.

You should also follow Apple’s example in terms of communicating with your audience. Apple avoids confusing, overwhelming terms and explanations in their ads, which allows them to reach through to customers in a way that no other competitor can. Check out this infographic below, compliments of The Website Group to learn some of the important marketing lessons that Apple has taught us over the years.