4 Fascinating Tools To Add Google Reviews To Wix Website

Wix Website ReviewsThe game has changed for website developers. Everyone is expecting to see customer reviews on their websites and B2B companies are no different.  To stay relevant and stand apart from the competition your website must display consumer reviews. Why? Customer reviews help create and establish a trustworthy reputation. Which can result in higher sales volumes and website traffic.

Website development is made efficient with advanced website-building platforms like Wix. Wix is a top performer in the field of website designing and building with 220 + million users worldwide. The platform efficiently handles web hosting and SSL certificates. Wix also offers multiple design options and templates.

Website developers typically don’t have much time to search for the best social media aggregator tools to add Google reviews to Wix website. But don’t worry, we have thoroughly researched the best tools for you to use. So, get ready! Below is a list of suggestions for the best social media aggregator tools.

4 Tools to Add Google Reviews to Your Wix Website:

These are the best social media aggregator tools to consider while looking to add Google reviews on a Wix website. Find out which one is best for your company’s needs:

1. Tagembed

To start with our list of tools we have one of the most trusted and prominent social media aggregator tools: Tagembed. This social media aggregator tool has integrations from over 18+ leading social media platforms. Tagembed allows users to gather, curate, and embed desired content from preferred social media platforms.

Additionally, the tool provides a dedicated review widget that can be fully customized to your company’s needs. The user can swiftly change the layout style and font of the widget to make it in line with your brand requirements. The tool is coding-free and does not require technical support and pre-acquired knowledge of coding.

2. Sociable Kit

Next up on our list is Sociable Kit. This is also a popular choice among the tech-enthusiasts because it offers a wide variety of styling options so that the user can personalize their review widget as per their company’s brand and website requirements. The embedding task is also very simple; thus the user does not need any external assistance to access the tool.

3. Hootsuite

Hootsuite is another amazing aggregator tool that enables the user to showcase multiple Google Reviews on their Wix website. The aggregator tool is user-friendly and very easy to use. Moreover, once it’s embedded on their website, its performance and alignment stay intact perfectly. The user can embed desired reviews on their website in a matter of seconds using this tool.

4. Flockler

Lastly, we have Flockler. The exceptional performance experienced by the users while embedding various content earns this a place on our list. This beginner-friendly tool is typically considered for its rapid functioning that makes the embedding task for the users extremely easy!

Having seen some of the best social media aggregator tools for adding Google reviews on a Wix website. Let’s see why you should opt for Google reviews over others.

Why Google Reviews?

When it comes to the most trusted and reliable platforms for genuine consumer reviews, the first name that pops up in our minds is Google. With millions of users across the world using the platform the streams of credibility and authenticity flow automatically from Google.

Additionally, Google as a platform is visited over 80 billion times a month. Thus, embedding Google-generated reviews on your Wix website is beneficial for your website’s growth and performance! Let us further discuss some benefits of embedding the Wix Google reviews widget on your website.

Advantages of Embedding Google Reviews on Wix Website:

#1 Improves Search engine Rankings

Adding Google reviews to your website improves its SEO rankings. Better search engine rankings result in having your website rank higher in search results. Also, improved rankings are an indicator of a more user-friendly website image on the internet.

#2 Enhances Website Traffic

Website traffic also enhances once you add Google reviews to Wix. Increased traffic to your site will hopefully result in more brand awareness and hopefully sales.

#3 Makes Website Attractive

Adding a review widget on your Wix website keeps potential clients engaged in they website for a longer period of time. And eventually, website developers would be able to manage the website’s bounce rate effectively.

In a Nutshell

After reading this article you should understand the advantages of incorporating Google reviews into your companies Wix website. Additionally, I recommended some fantastic social media aggregator tools that can seamlessly assist you in selecting the best tool based on your company’s needs and requirements.

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