Back to the future — 8 features of fast and future-proof BNPL technology

Buy now, pay later (BNPL) is booming – some experts predict it could grow by up to 400% in the next few years. Can your decisioning technology keep up? Discover the future-proof technology features that will help you thrive in the rapidly evolving BNPL market.

In recent years, BNPL products have gone from interesting new option to a household staple. And, like any emerging market, the products and the regulations that govern providers are evolving quickly.

As BNPL providers take bigger and bigger bites out of the $8 trillion credit card industry, both credit card providers and innovative startups are taking notice. To compete and thrive, you need technology that doesn’t just get you to market quickly, but that also prepares you for what the future of BNPL holds.

The decisions providers make now will have a direct and tangible impact on the future adaptability, growth and longevity of their BNPL products. So how do you know which technology can best prepare you for the future of BNPL?

Join us as we explore the eight decisioning and analytics technology features that will prepare you to:

  • Power world-class onboarding experiences
  • Access and use the data you need to make smarter credit decisions
  • Rapidly adapt processes to comply with evolving regulations

Discover the tools you need to get ahead and stay ahead as BNPL grows its market share – and see how increased agility, smarter decisioning and getting to market faster can power rapid growth and innovation.

With the right technology, you can adapt to any all plot twists in the emerging BNPL industry. The power to innovate and iterate to stay ahead of growing competition. The agility to adapt to new legislation without business interruptions. The data you need to make accurate risk decisions. The ability to support the unbanked and underbanked. And the power to provide world-class consumer experiences.

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