Chatbots Gone Wild: The New World of Customer Service & Customer Experience

Over the last few years, and across multiple verticals, chatbots have become a fairly normal part of the day-to-day business process. Based on the current climate, it also seems as though they are likely here to stay! Although chatbots aren’t being used to their full potential, the new millennium has brought on a change for the better… They are finding their place in markets worldwide, and recent customer service and customer experience success stories seem to validate the scientific assumption that artificial intelligence is slowly “conquering the world.”

Information technology is moving a lot faster than other industries nowadays. As a result, budget-retailers like Nordstrom Rack rely on chatbots to provide assistance to their customers, and so does TJ Maxx. The number of online stores embracing chatbots goes on and on, and their influence is becoming larger by the day while also extending to various industries. Consequently, it seems that soon enough, chatbots will become the most effective marketing tool of the millennium.

No matter how much times change, direct communication will always be the best way to sell products. Be that as it may, technological advancement has brought a new way of communication – the interaction between robots and humans.

One thing is indisputable – the future belongs to chatbots. However, it’s still unclear how much and in which direction will this technology continue to grow. Namely, futurist Ray Kurzweil claims that chatbots will become indistinguishable from humans by 2029. Moreover, we already know that the beginnings of chatbots date back to 1950. That being said, if the chatbot can grow to be indistinguishable from humans in nearly 8 decades, it’s hard to imagine the distances it will reach by the end of this century.

The Infographic below, compliments of, touches a bit more on chatbots – and how they are already making a positive impact on customer service and the customer experience worldwide. More >>

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