Edikted: How a Trending, Digitally Native Brand Found Scalable Fulfillment

Edikted’s mission is to inspire uniqueness and diversity for all trend-obsessed individuals. The apparel brand has won favor with social media-savvy Gen Z since its 2021 launch. But after finding they were quickly outgrowing the capabilities of their current 3PL, Edikted needed a new partner capable of scaling alongside them.

With their high-SKU, low-depth inventory base, Edikted required an advanced D2C fulfillment solution that could handle rapid inventory receiving via air shipping, as well as facilitate a seamless integration solution with their Shopify store.

Ryder E-commerce By Whiplash’s decades of experience in apparel fulfillment and streamlined e-commerce technology has enabled Edikted to focus on building a strong brand and community – and ensuring positive customer experiences for their customers.

“Our biggest expectation is that Ryder E-commerce By Whiplash will help your brand scale smoothly and support us in the most professional way possible. With such a successful onboarding and launch, we know there’s more growth coming, and we’re confident in this partnership.” Zvika Alon, COO of Edikted.

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