Gaining the Competitive Advantage with DAM

Marketing environments today are tough. They are global. They are crowded. They are multi-channel, multi-audience, and multi-complicated. And to top it off, consumers expect more. To win their attention, money, and loyalty, you need to deliver on the granddaddy of it all — a customer experience that’s second to none.

But, you know this better than anyone. Some days it might feel like you’re on a perpetual treadmill, racing to position your brand ahead of the competition.

So, how do you win the customer experience race?

At Widen, we know it all starts and ends with your brand. By putting the absolute best brand face forward, you’ll deliver a superior experience to your customers.

Here’s how we see it. Your brand is the culmination of every experience a person has with your organisation. Every time a buyer talks to a customer service rep, watches a video on your website, sees an ad, or reads a resource you created, it leaves an impression. Over time these individual moments add up and take hold, eventually defining the very essence of what it means to be your brand.

So, while you can’t tell people what to think, you can use your digital assets — the videos, images, sales collateral, and other content that represents your brand — to influence their thoughts. By organising and centralising your assets, you’ll arm your teams with the content and tools they need to tell your unique story, deliver solutions, and build authentic, lasting connections with your audiences. In other words, you’ll manage your brand in a way that drives perception-molding customer experiences.

In this guide, we’ll discuss five brand management essentials needed to deliver a superior customer experience, as well as share stories about how leading organisations use digital asset management (DAM) solutions to position their brands ahead of the competition.

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