How Pyramid Healthcare Inc. leveraged OnCall to launch a new virtual mental healthcare division

Pyramid Online Counselling (Pyramid), a division of Pyramid Healthcare Inc., was founded in 2020 during the virtual care industry’s exponential growth. Pyramid Healthcare Inc. was originally formed to provide in-person services, offering both in-patient and out-patient healthcare options to patients looking for mental healthcare services. However, the pandemic highlighted the urgent need for patients to continue receiving care while being safe due to pandemic restrictions So, Jodi Jaspan, Pyramid’s Director of Marketing, leveraged OnCall’s end-to-end virtual care platform to launch Pyramid’s branded service. With their brand at the forefront of their mobile and web application, Pyramid was able to continue offering important mental healthcare services to their patients under Pyramid’s trusted brand name. The patients Pyramid serves, such as teens, eating disorder and addiction patients, could not wait to resume care after the pandemic. This meant that Pyramid required rapid implementation with an easy-to-use interface for both patients and providers, so providers could begin to offer virtual care quickly and effectively.

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