Human + Machine: The Future of Content is Coming

With the sheer volume of content necessary to empathize and personalize messages, it’s humanly impossible to create the amount of content that enterprise organizations need to keep up with the competition. That’s why AI and machine learning are integral to the future success of any enterprise. Forward-thinking leaders are already learning how to use empathy in their messaging by pairing consumer data with AI and machine learning. With these two cornerstones of communication and innovation, companies can unlock billions in unrealized value through content performance.

In this webinar content marketing pioneer, Ann Handley, Chief Content Officer at MarketingProfs, Assaf Baciu, Co-Founder at Persado, and Paul Roetzer, Founder of the Marketing AI Institute, will be covering:

  • How to use empathy in marketing to reach consumers on a more personal level, using consumer data, emotion, and AI.
  • What AI-first actually means, and what steps market-leading organizations must take to prepare for this innovative new approach.
  • Why marketing leaders need to upskill employees and prepare them for working side-by-side with AI before they get left behind.

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