Is Greenfield the Right Approach to Your Digital Transformation?

Most property and casualty insurers are dedicating their resources into modernizing their legacy systems these days, however this incremental approach is holding the industry back. But there is a disruptive innovation strategy called greenfield. The purpose of a greenfield initiative is to operate separately from the “mothership” and identify customer needs in ways that the insurance industry has not been able to before. They start small, test, learn, and adjust until an offer is ready to scale. This process combines what is possible from a new build with the capital resources associated with an established firm.

Download this guide to learn about the greenfield approach and how it can help you innovate quickly and freely. This information will help you:

  • See what a greenfield platform approach looks like
  • Determine if the greenfield approach is right for you
  • Understand how other insurers used greenfield initiatives as a path to enterprise transformation and you can too

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