Your Organization’s Talent Pool: 3 Things to Consider


With recent economic trends in the United States, developing and maintaining a vibrant pool of talent is now more important to an organization’s success than ever. According to the Unites States Bureau of Labor Statistics, the unemployment rate has been nearly cut in half since late 2009. To put it simply, with little more than half the number of job seekers, Human Resource professionals have more challenges to face than in previous years. With that in mind, there are three concepts that you can consider to stay competitive for top-notch talent.

1. Be proactive rather than reactive.

What worked for your company five years ago will not necessarily hold true today. Be open to new ideas, stay on top of market trends and remember that HR professionals have as much if not more bearing on the future of a company than anyone so be flexible. A static recruiting practice can cripple an organization.

2. Manage your company’s culture and reputation.

The internet is teeming with resources that the most highly sought-after candidates are using to find out which company’s employees are happiest. The candidates that can add the most value to your organization are the ones that have their pick of the litter. Know how your company matches up to similar organizations and actively implement policies that make employees feel valued and respected for their contributions. While it’s easy to tend toward a client-first philosophy, your employees take care of your clients. In a March 2015 article in Forbes magazine it was proposed that Marriott is popular among job seekers because it’s philosophy is “Take care of the associates and they will take care of the customers.”

3. Consider both internal and external candidates.

Organizations sometimes become married to promoting from within or exclusively seeking outside talent. Promoting from within is vital to morale but limiting yourself to that practice may mean missing out on an external candidate that could be invaluable to your organization’s future. Balance is key.

While quantity of candidates is important, considering the three ideas above could be the key to landing the highest quality candidate when you offer employment.

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