Best Practices for Real-Time Website Personalization


Customers enjoy feeling welcomed. Whether it’s through the front door of a brick and mortar building, or an online web store, the customer should always feel good once they’ve arrived. In a traditional store, this process is easy… But what should a real-time website admin do to make the electronic experience one in the same? With the help of a few tools at the designer’s disposal, it is possible to provide a similar, welcoming experience to all visitors of your website.

Location Based Welcoming

With IP address capture and other web analytics information, it is easily possible to see where a website user is located. Offering a nice welcome to potential new customers based on their geographical location is an excellent real-time website personalization tactic. This welcome message can range anywhere from a simple “hello,” to offering the user location based services, discounts and sales.

Special Offers Based on Traffic Source

Every website experiences a different boost in traffic from a variety of web sources. Some web stores might enjoy a higher turnout through Pinterest, while others enjoy Tumblr or LinkedIn traffic. In order to boost customer traffic for source sites not performing well, a specialized offer just for using that website may help. Offering up free shipping, money off, a percentage discount or other benefits in order to entice customers into using these different web traffic sources can help a website significantly boost traffic and sales.

New Products Based on Previous Purchases

Whenever someone visits a specific product – or purchases something from a website – this information is tracked and stored. A website designer should never just sit on this information. They can use it to their advantage by offering returning customers product recommendations based on previous purchases and items they have viewed at before. It works almost as a personal shopping assistant for the customer… It helps users find what they are interested in, and just as importantly, what they might have otherwise missed without the use of this tactic.

With the help of these simple tactics, it doesn’t need to be difficult to welcome visitors to a website and ensure that they return.

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