Rethinking Community Engagement, Strategic Planning, and Budgeting: An Integrated Approach​

A budget is a value statement for your organization—especially in local government. But crafting a budget in today’s ever-evolving landscape is an exercise fraught with tension and competing priorities, sensibilities, and systems.  

That’s why Questica, Balancing Act by Polco, and Envisio have joined forces to deliver your playbook for an integrated, iterative, and transparent budgeting process—one that has the power to future-proof your government’s budget and deliver an even greater impact on the citizens you serve.

By downloading this whitepaper, you will:

  • Learn how the current governing landscape provides both challenges and opportunities for budgeting
  • Understand how to leverage technology partners to deconstruct silos, drive citizen engagement, and execute on strategy
  • Grow your knowledge of how to align the work of government with the needs of the community
  • Access insights, examples, and best practices for budgeting in 2023 and beyond

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