Smart Guide: Storytelling For Leaders and Salespeople

Whether you are part of a management or sales team, this e-book will become an indispensable guide on how to become more persuasive.  Drawing on the art and science of storytelling, you will be provided with a number of practical tip you and your team can use - proven techniques that will help you and your team members engage and motivate even the most difficult audiences. 

Table of Contents:

1. Why Storytelling?:

-Learn what it is about storytelling that makes it such a powerful business tool. 

2. What Is A Story? 

-Test your ability to recognize a story when you hear one.  You may be surprised by your score.

3. 6 Storytelling Techniques You Can Use In Your Next Presentation.  

–Follow these practical tips and you will be amazed at how your audience reacts during your next presentation. 

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