Taking Your Multi-Site Management at Scale to the Next Level

Creating digital experiences across a portfolio of sites can present a big challenge. It requires thinking about scale in multiple dimensions, from standardizing on a technology toolset and driving adoption of that platform across an organization, to establishing content governance and user experience standards to guide the design and build of many sites. In order to build a foundation for scale, all of these dimensions and more need to be addressed. With a strong foundation, next-level digital strategies such as multi-channel content management and personalization can be incorporated into your multi-site management.

Join digital leaders and experts from Princeton University, FFW, and Acquia, to learn from their experiences tackling multi-site management at scale. Hear about best practices drawn from the large portfolios of sites that higher-ed institutions manage, and discover Acquia’s holistic solution for multi-site management with Acquia Site Factory+, Acquia Site Studio, Widen DAM, and Acquia Personalization. 

During this webinar, you will learn the following:

• A major Princeton University Web Development Services initiative to migrate 1,000 websites to Acquia

• How organizing content in one system can simplify control, improve access and increase use

• How coordinated distribution supports greater customer experiences and deeper engagement

• How to scale and accelerate organization-wide adoption of a design system

• How to improve content performance and experience through A/B testing to continually optimize users’ engagement

• How to collect data on your customers to be able to define segments to offer personalized experiences

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