The CMDB is Dead, Long Live the CMDB!

Configuration Management Database (CMDB) started with tremendous promise but went awry

Read this report to learn what went wrong and how you can easily construct and maintain an auto-updating CMDB that provides complete, timely asset information required for today’s business.

Initially created in the 1980s as a way to provide IT organizations the information they need to manage their resources and applications effectively, many CMDBs have since failed to live up their billing, leaving many organizations disenchanted. The business need is still there but the CMDB is falling short of meeting it. Now people are asking, “Can the CMDB be saved?”

This informative report explains that the real problem isn’t in the concept of a CMDB itself but how to build and maintain a CMDB that can be real-time, accurate, and a real asset to your IT team.

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