The Non-Nerdy Guide to Artificial Intelligence in Contract Management

Digital transformation in contract management has become a key priority for enterprises worldwide. However, with all the hype surrounding AI, it can be challenging to set realistic expectations about the benefits of transformation.

To simplify the conversation on real gains that AI can bring to contract management, and to demystify the hype surrounding AI-based transformation, we've created a handy guide titled  "The Non-Nerdy Guide to Artificial Intelligence in Contract Management" 

This guide is a must-read for all in-house teams who want to step up their contracting game with the latest technological advancements such as AI.

Here's what's inside:

1. Decoding the Alphabet Soup of AI
2. Massive Hype and Stagnant Adoption - Steps You can Take to Bridge the Gap
3. Questions to Ask Before Going CLM Shopping

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