The Psychology of SMS Messaging

Given the rise in consumers’ desire to engage digitally with companies following the start of COVID-19, the case for investing in SMS as a digital communications channel has become clearer. All companies should be accelerating omnichannel marketing and adopting technology to improve how they reach their audiences, but SMS stands out as a priority channel. This is because SMS-based marketing and communications have the power to enhance customer engagement and lead to conversions more efficiently and cost effectively than other channels, particularly paid media. That is, when SMS is done right.

Mitto, a leading provider of global omnichannel communications solutions, recognized that as more of people’s lives have shifted online since the pandemic, consumers’ exposure to digital experiences has exploded. This digital boom poses a challenge to marketers: how can their communications stand out from the rest? To help marketers better optimize SMS, Mitto surveyed 2,000 adult Americans to understand how consumers want to receive texts from their favorite brands.

This industry report provides newfound data on Americans’ preferred texting behaviors and pet peeves from brands and key opportunities for marketers to optimize their SMS campaigns in 2021. SMS deserves a place in every omnichannel marketing strategy; now brands must be ready to adapt their texting techniques to consumers' likes. 

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