Ushering In the Era of Intelligent Data

Most of today’s technology sets have failed to fully prevent data loss. The solution is to infuse protection into each piece of data to protect itself, anywhere, always, throughout its lifecycle. Data creation and exchange has profoundly changed the landscape of how each of us live, work and play. Data exchanges happen non-stop across the globe each day. Whether that data is being created by its owner or being shared and accessed by others, we have reached a critical juncture in the need to secure that data and protect the rights and privacy of its owners.  To that end, we at Keyavi Data have developed and launched our innovative technology that makes data self protecting, intelligent and self-aware.

Understandably, many will be skeptical of these bold statements. For most, having their data secured and truly protected at all times has been an unattainable goal. But Keyavi’s technology gives data owners complete control over their data’s security – even after it leaves their possession. In this overview, we explain the long over-due need for our technology, how we designed it and how it works.

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