Webinar: The future of AML- How Customer Intelligence is the basis of truly risk-based AML

Join Tanya Ziv and Guðmundur Kristjánsson, more commonly known as GK, as they discuss how Customer Intelligence sits at the heart of risk-based AML procedures.

Tanya is the Chief Compliance Officer at Currencycloud and GK is the CEO of the AML startup Lucinity. They will cover innovative ways of understanding customer behavior through insights derived from KYC, transaction monitoring, screening and other data sources to create a holistic view of the customer.

Further topics include operationalizing AI and translating complex AI findings into actionable information and how the above impacts AML procedures. 

Key Takeaways for the audience :

  • Static and self-reported KYC is insufficient and costly.
  • Holistic customer views can enhance customer experience, due dilligence flows and play a vital role during AML investigations.
  • Customer Intelligence is the basis for a holistic view of the customer. It is vital to understand the actual behavior of the customers and how they differ from what is to be expected.

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