What Banks Must Do Today to Capture Next-Gen Customers

Banking is an industry that has seen huge disruption over the past few years, after what was essentially decades of “business as usual,” where customers visited bank branches or ATMs. 

Today, the millennial and Gen Z generations are driving massive waves of change in the banking industry with their digital-first preferences—augmented by COVID-related relocations that further eroded brand loyalty. Banks need to focus on developing a digital footprint that can attract and retain these customers using their preferred platforms. In this webinar, industry experts will share insights into what banks need to consider as they work to capture the next generation of customers. We will discuss:

  • How recent changes in banking have created an even stronger consumer demand for digital solutions
  • How leveraging knowledge of consumer purchase habits can help you acquire new customers
  • The specific experiences you need to create to capture Gen Z and millennial loyalty

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