Why Your Customers Aren’t Converting


Our global survey data shows many marketing leaders believe their existing sign-up and login flows influence their rates of cart abandonment and customer attrition. They understand the problem, but are yet to identify a workable solution. The majority of those surveyed did not report using the fundamental modern Identity technologies that are standard within Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM) systems.

  • 63% did not use social login
  • 74% did not support biometric authentication
  • 79% did not use passwordless authentication

Looking deeper into the survey results, you’ll learn about modern Identity adoption rates in consumer-facing applications, how many CDOs/CMOs prioritize social login options, how your sign-up times stack up to your competitors, and why it’s a big myth that UX friction is a necessary cost of security.

Okta Retail Commercial + Enterprise CIC TA 120623

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