2023 Economic Insight & Best Practices in Financial Risk Management

There are several factors pressuring the US economy this year, from interest rates and Federal Reserve hikes (will they or won’t they?) to concerns for recession and from challenges in China’s economy to war in Europe.

What are you doing to mitigate risk?

When times are tough, it provides an opportunity for finance teams to show their worth. They can accomplish that by understanding how economic conditions — in the US and abroad — can impact their portfolios and their clients and prepare for adaptation. Watch the webinar to get a near-term future economic outlook from our panel of experts and hear what they have to say about financial risk management. Topics on tactics and best practices include:

  • Getting ahead of potential fraud with analytics for detection and prevention
  • Modernizing/automating AR processes to improve working capital and cash flow
  • Seamless integration and management of data to obtain the “golden record”
  • How proactive portfolio management optimizes risk tolerance

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