5 Tech Projects to Push Your Small Business Forward

Tech-Projects-To-Push-Your-Small-Business-ForwardTo keep your small business competitive, you need to embrace the latest technology. Today, running your business on pencil and paper might leave you falling behind in your industry, so getting comfortable with new technology is key. If you’re trying to decide which tech solutions could best support your business, you can turn to Knowledge Hub Media for answers. Furthermore, here are some simple web-based upgrades that will drive great results for your business!

Form an LLC Online

If you have yet to register your business, you can do so online with minimal effort. It’s easy to file for an LLC through an online formation service, and you’ll be able to keep your personal assets secure, earn tax breaks, and more. Every state has its own set of guidelines for forming an LLC, so working through an online formation service will ensure that you check every box.

Web Design

For many potential customers, your website serves as their first impression of your business. That’s why it’s important to revisit your site’s design from time to time and make sure that all of its features are functioning properly. Overall, you want to ensure that your site is aesthetically appealing and easy for your visitors to navigate. If your customers are spending a long time searching for the information or services they need, they might just click away eventually and bring their business to one of your competitors.

If you’re not satisfied with your website, but you’re not sure how to implement improvements by yourself, hiring a web designer can help. Check out the portfolios of several designers to make a well-informed decision.

PDF Conversion

As you work on updating your website, you’ll inevitably need to assemble lots of documents and images to send to your web designer. Before sending them over to a web designer or graphic designer, you might want to convert any PDFs to JPGs for seamless email transfers. The recipient will be able to easily download and print the documents. You can convert PDF to JPG online for free with a simple conversion tool and produce high quality images!

Online Learning Programs

Do you feel like you’re behind the curve when it comes to new developments or technical programs in your industry? Online learning can help you get ahead. Whether you’re interested in earning an advanced degree or simply earning a certification or two, you can learn lots of new skills without setting foot in a classroom today, and you can always work in online classes around your busy schedule.

You can also give your staff access to professional development through a virtual learning management system. This is an easy way to host educational programs and training internally. To choose a learning management system, IdeaOn recommends looking for software that tracks learner progress, offers social learning features, customization options, and robust technical support. This can help your whole workforce upskill!


Perhaps you handle most of your company operations online, but you still haven’t invested in specific cybersecurity protections yet. Cybersecurity should be a priority, yet lots of business owners aren’t aware of their digital vulnerabilities! In order to keep your sensitive data safe, Cavallo & Signoriello recommends installing a hard drive or cloud drive program to back up your data and choosing cybersecurity software that can protect you against malware or ransomware.

The world of business technology is always changing. It’s important to stay tuned in so that you’re aware of new tech that can best serve your business. With these tips, you’ll be ready to invest in technology that helps you operate more efficiently.