8 Traits of Next Generation Insurers

The insurance industry is at a tipping point. The next generation of insurers are disrupting traditional business models and building future-proof business systems that will adapt to changing industry dynamics.

Traditional insurers must adapt to this disruption … or risk being completely displaced from the marketplace. Getting there won’t be easy. Traditional insurers face legacy roadblocks to next-generation success. These systems were designed for success in an earlier era, but now hinder their ability to adapt to the digital age.

The guide explores 8 traits of next-generation insurers — and what holds traditional insurers back from emulating their success.

Included in this guide:

  • How next-generation insurers are reinventing traditional insurance products and services
  • How these challengers leverage modern technology to drive customer experience improvements by unlocking more information and using it faster
  • How traditional insurers can confront legacy systems and legacy thinking to mitigate risk and ensure successful modernization efforts

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