A Simple Guide to Safety in the Office

safety-in-the-office-iconThis Guide to Safety in the Office is a collection of practical safe workplace practices that includes easy-to-understand text, illustrations, checklists, etc. It presents an overview of everyday workplace health and safety hazards and provides practical solutions for avoiding accidents and injuries. It also focuses on integrating health and safety into every aspect of office work. A handy reference for employees, managers, and employers, A Guide to Safety in the Office is a helpful resource for anyone in the office.

Positive reinforcement is an essential part of any safety and health program, and rewarding employees for good behavior is a great way to reinforce it. Employees should be given the power to request a stop to unsafe work and be involved in finding solutions. In addition, workplace illnesses are an increasingly significant concern. Some recent examples include flu and COVID-19. It’s essential to take these illnesses seriously since they can gravely affect your employees.

The Infographic below will tackle the Top 4 most overlooked office safety hazards: workstation ergonomics, trip, slip and fall hazards, fire safety, and eye strain. It also has five practical ways to improve office safety such as reviewing existing processes and policies, conducting proper training, using the right tools, maintaining cleanliness, and performing regular inspections. Learn more about Office Safety, an infographic designed and created by SafetyCulture.


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