An Inside Look at One Brand’s Journey in Composable Commerce

The future of digital commerce is composable, and brands have gotten the memo. At least that’s what was gleaned from recent research conducted by Retail Dive on behalf of Elastic Path. In fact, 92% of the executives who responded had implemented a composable commerce solution. They see composable commerce as the wave of the future, given its ability to integrate modular components from multiple best-of-breed vendors to build solutions that maximize flexibility, create innovative customer experiences across all channels and optimize resource allocation and performance.

But there’s not just one path to success. Our research found that brands were all over the map with the functions for which they’re using composable commerce and the benefits they’re reaping. That’s the beauty of this technology – the ability to tailor it to current and emerging needs. In this webinar, we’ll talk with a brand leader about their journey to composable commerce – their challenges, successes and implementation advice. In addition, we’ll share insight from a wider swath of retail executives, based on this fresh research (We will weave in relevant data points based on the outline/narrative we develop). Through this personal insight and augmented by broader research, webinar attendees will learn:

  • What composable commerce is and how it can help their brand
  • Benefits they can reap that are customizable to their needs
  • Challenges other executives faced in implementing a solution – and how to avoid them
  • Why retail brands believe that composable commerce is here to stay

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