Case study: Deluxe Offers Industry-Leading New Mover Data Program

A business came to Deluxe because their mover acquisition program wasn't performing. The problem? They simply weren't reaching enough people who were looking to move or had moved. In this case study, we'll highlight how Deluxe's New Movers program, part of the broader Life Event Triggers program, delivered stunning results, including:

15% of data identified one week faster than the competition. Speed is key here, so this was a big win.

34% increase in the customers' accounts, vs. their prior provider's campaign.

100% lift in new mover prospect universe.

Learn how Deluxe's New Movers program targets 900K new movers each week, offers superior speed to market and more robust coverage, helping this business with Deluxe's unmatched depth of data. Download it today!

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