Case Study: You Have To Know Your Customers To Keep Your Customers

Customers now have more opportunity than ever to easily shop for insurance, and they are doing so. According to a recent study, 75 percent of any insurance company’s customers have shopped around at least once over the past five years – and 40 percent in the past year. Since customer acquisition is very expensive it’s important for insurers to understand why customers are shopping and what exactly they are looking for so they  can leverage that knowledge into higher retention and new business.

Download this case study now to get insights on how one insurer boosted their  retention rate through analytics and smarter tactics. The insights they gained helped:

  • Increase overall retention rate by more than 3%
  • Improve Net Promoter Score
  • Increase policy sales - with almost half of multi-policyholders purchasing an additional policy

Don’t let a lack of knowledge about  your customers keep your business from remaining competitive and reaching new heights - discover how you can gain key customer insights now!

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